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Tatu 54

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 94

Posted on 2008.02.16 at 11:24
Current Music:: The Used - The Taste of Ink
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I can't handle doing any more epic facts. I'm rubbish at them. Instead I'll go back to my normal sized facts.

Fact 94: I am terrible at remembering things and frequently have to write things on the back of my hand.

I remember back when I was at school everyone always used to claim that people who wrote on their hands would get ink poisoning but I don't believe that. If so then Coldplay's Chris Martin wouldn't be quite so keen on saving the poverty as he would be on coming up with a cure for ink poisoning. Anyway at one point in my life I decided that the back of my hand wasn't big enough to write meaningful reminders on and started a to-do list on my leg. It was handy because there was lots of room and there was no danger of losing it somewhere. This didn't last very long before I gave it up though.

And look at the current music. It's strangely appropriate to todays fact? How awesome and strange is that? Answer: Not very. I've just put it on so I can make the same comment as yesterday. It was either this or practically any Coldplay song.

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