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Tatu 11

Aid of a Coffee Cod - 93

Posted on 2008.02.15 at 13:20
Current Music:: Dido - White Flag
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Thats what AEDoFiaCoFiaCoD sounds like if you imagine it's a proper word. And no that's not todays fact. I promised good facts, not what abbrieviations sound like when you say them as words. I might do a feature based on that though. It does sound promising and look! I'm still writing about it which must count for something. Sometimes I say things and then can't think of a single thing to say about them. This is like the opposite. I can't seem to stop talking about it. On the with the fact then.

Fact 93: I have an intense phobia of needles.

Which is unfortunate for someone in my position. Someone whose blood needs to be more or less continuously taken to make sure I'm not about to have another stroke. I've learned to deal with it now by just shutting it out and thinking of nice things like chocolate and that. Oh and not looking at needles while they take my blood. I almost passed out when I tried to do that. The hospital was running around trying to get oxygen for me.

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