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Tatu 10

Writer's Block: Happily Ever After?

Posted on 2008.02.15 at 13:08
Current Music:: Linkin Park - Valentines Day
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How did you spend Valentine's Day?

I just proceeded with the day as though it were any other day of the year. I could go through a tedious list of events, but I would highly advise against it. The only really noteworthy thing occurring yesterday was watching Torchwood from the night before. It had a man called Adam in it which has now convinced me that if you're on a TV program and you're called Adam you're evil. No question. Unless your surname is Addams. In which case you're creepy and cooky and altogether spooky but probably not evil enough to require close observation.

Also note the current music. How strangely appropriate eh? Or at least it would have been, had I not decided to listen to a track which would be strangely appropriate. It was either this or Adam and the Ants. Or maybe Bobby Darin - Somewhere Beyond the Sea but that link is a bit too tenuous even for me. (That song was played on a lot of adverts (if YouTube is anything to judge by) for Bioshock, a game where you need a substance called ADAM.)

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