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Tatu 8

Writer's Block: Love Is...

Posted on 2008.02.14 at 11:01
Current Music:: Jimmy Eat World - 23
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Who or what do you really love?

All the women I love turn out to be figments of my own imagination so I've decided against it. What I love is presumably a bit more answerable. I love lots of things. For example Dairy Milk Double Chocolate Chocolate Bars. They're superawesome even though they do make my stomach hurt when I think about them. It's not their fault because they're so nice and tasty, it's just they are very filling and my stomach can't handle it. Bad stomach. I'm going to go and build a new one out of hundreds and thousands.

Hey speaking of hundreds and thousands when I was younger I always thought that if I was in charge of whoever made them and I'd make bigger packets with even nice H&Ts in them and call them Millions and Billions. That'd be awesome.


clairyh at 2008-02-14 11:10 (UTC) (Link)
millions and billions? oh, so wonderful sounding.

if you made them - i'd buy them!
cube_166 at 2008-02-14 14:43 (UTC) (Link)
I would as well, although technically speaking I wouldn't need to because I'd be in charge of the company. I could just take some.

Shame I don't know anything about how to make hundreds and thousands really.
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