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Cube - Classic

Random Review 4

Posted on 2008.02.14 at 10:56
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Okay it's that time of the week again. Time to go on wikipedia, hit random article and write an in-depth review of whatever appears. This week it's a man called Chris Batchelor.

So according to wikipedia Chris Batchelor is a jazz trumpeter, composer and lecturer at Middlesex University. That's it essentially. That's practically the entire article verbatim. So on what can we judge Chris Batchelor to see whether or not he's good or not? Well firstly his name is spelt wrong. It should be Bachelor of course. So there's points off immediately. Then if that's not enough dubiousness in his name we find out that he's called Chris. What precisely is that short for do you reckon? Christopher? Christian? Christmas? The permutations are as endless as something with precisely three permutations.
But he didn't name himself, presumably, so it's unfair to judge him for having such a poorly thought out name. Instead we must judge his parents for that.

So what is the best method to judge good old Christmas Bachelor? Well it would probably be to hear him play his trumpet, compose something or do a lecture but it's not like I actually played any of Coolhat Games's games when I was review them. Actually researching people and forming a valid opinion would be the downfall of this feature.
Anyway Christmas sounds pretty talented. Playing his jazz trumpet while composing and lecturing to the Middlesex university all at the same time. That's pretty good multitasking. But is multitasking really all that great? According to lots of people it's brilliant but one man dares to speak out against it. His name is Timothy Ferriss and according to wikipedia he says that it's not good. There's only one way to find out whose opinion and thus set of skills are more valid...

Timothy Ferriss wins the Googlefight with 392,000 results against Christmas Batchelor's puny 251,000 results. So obviously multitasking sucks and Christmas, no matter how good he is at it, also sucks. Final Scores then.
Christmas Batchelor's parents: 0/10 for naming their son Christmas.
Christmas Batchelor himself: 0/10 for having skills which are proven to be useless.
Timothy Ferriss: 10/10 for finally dispelling the myths about multitasking.

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