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Tatu 7

An Epic Decade of Facts in A Century of Facts in a Centuryish of Days - 91

Posted on 2008.02.13 at 12:52
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Fact 91: I am an aspiring author.

I don't really have the attention span for it though. I'm good at coming up with ideas but rubbish at sticking to them for any legnth of time. If you can imagine ideas as a tap that's in your brain. I imagine most authors are pretty good at turning on that tap and having an idea and then doing it. My problem is my tap is broken and I can't turn it off.
As a consequence I've written only 2 books out of the possibly hundreds I've attempted to write. These were a book which I wrote when I was young and which had a nonsensical storyline and which I've subsequently deleted from my hard drive and a book which is essentially a collection of short sometimes nonsensical stories with no overarcing storyline. I'm tempted to delete that one as well because it's not up to much.

I currently have nine fully formed concepts for books that I hope one day to get around to genuinely writing. Thus concludes the first epic fact in the epic decade of epic facts.


clairyh at 2008-02-14 11:12 (UTC) (Link)
i have tried to write various things, but the minute i switch of the pc, close the notebook or whatever - i instantly forget all my ideas.

you write your journal brilliantly - i imagine if you ever managed to write a book, it'd be great!
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