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Lily Allen

The Exciting Adventures of One Man Watching TV

Posted on 2008.02.13 at 11:34
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Okay so I know I said I was going to watch Lily Allen while simultaneously posting on here about it. But I'd just woken up and it seemed such an effort so I'll just tell you what I thought of it in complete cogent sentences. It's probably preferable in the long run.

If you want me to like a program, one thing that will probably sway me in that general direction is David Mitchell. Well not just David Mitchell I mean if Ross Noble, or Russell Brand or generally anyone who I like and who is funny were on a program it would occassion me to like it more. For example Skins. I wouldn't have bothered until I found out that Bill Bailey was going to be in it and then I went back and watched the entire first series just so I could catch up on it. Incidentally I like Skins now, just for anyone keeping some kind of insane checklist of programs that I watch, oh and when Dexter starts on ITV then I'll be watching that as well. Partially because of Michael C Hall (David off of Six Feet Under) but also partially because it sounds like a great concept.

Anyway getting back to the topic at hand Lily was looking nice which is a definate positive. Apparently some of her friends walked out because they were bored. I don't think this has anything to do with the show in of itself. I'm wagering that these are people who've never been in a live studio audience before and didn't realise it was going to take a long time (admittedly I've never been in a live studio audience either but I've at least thought about what it would be like). TV manipulates us you know. Everything looks like it's all connected together smoothly but it's all been edited together in reality to make it fit into the timeframe needed and to get rid of any parts which were a little sketchy. Overall the show seemed pretty good in my opinion. Reasonably funny (despite the videos of animals having sex and a man doing insane things with his lips), and I'm sure most people expected her to be singing (although strangely enough this never occurred to me) but I thought it was good and I will probably watch it again next week.

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