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Lily Allen

Writer's Block: 2008 Accomplishment

Posted on 2008.02.12 at 13:29
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What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in 2008?

I suppose the biggest accomplishment this year would be writing and actually finishing a story right through from the beginning to the end. Okay it was only a peice of fanfic for Portal but it was over 20,000 words. That in technical terms is what is called a novella. Which is probably better than a novel because it has two extra letters on it. And the two extra letters spell la. As in la-de-da. Which means I have a really posh novel.

Although tonight may provide a new contender for the biggest achievement of 2008... Stopping hating Lily Allen to such an extent that I can watch a full program about her and her friends without violently spewing forth hateful bile (hopefully). I'll probably tape it and do that thing where I react on lj while watching it (I'd do it live but no digital tv upstairs).


clairyh at 2008-02-13 09:56 (UTC) (Link)
i'd heard people actually walked out of the filming of one of her new shows... but it might have been a rumour...!

and novella does indeed sound right posh.
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