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Writer's Block: A Favorite Poem

Posted on 2008.02.11 at 14:44
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What is one of your favorite poems?

I don't really have much faith in poetry as a medium. I think it originates from when a poem I wrote on the spot to finish a quiz was included in an anthology of great poems of the year or something. It's all a little vague to be honest.

The poem I like best is Sold Out by Robert Rankin. It goes as follows:

The ice cream truck was sold out.
The last batsman was bowled out.
And foolishly I strolled out,
Into the light of day.

The umpire some say passed out.
The moment that the last out
Had sworn or cursed or cast out
That final hip hooray.

The only way to find out
Is when you're told to mind out.
Just stick your big behind out,
Bend at the knee and pray.

And when you know you're wiped out,
And chivvied up and striped out
And rolled
And bowled
And passed
At last
And stood like nelson at the mast.
Then you can say it's in the past.
That bastard's ice cream sold out!

You'll know it when you drop out.
The ending is a cop out.

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