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Sin City - Nancy

Songs That Have The Same Name - Issue 1

Posted on 2008.02.10 at 03:02
Current Music:: Lene Marlin/Sophie Ellis Bextor - Another Day
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Imagine you're in a music shop and you have two peices of music in your hand. Interestingly they both have the same name. You don't know which to buy. Dilemma! But dilemma no more with brand new Dilemma-B-Gone labotomies. Just remove the portion of your brain that deals with dilemmas and you never have to deal with it again. Or alternatively you can count on my brilliant brain and this new feature I'll be able to identify musics that have the same title and tell you which is best.

So imagine you're back in that shop in one hand you have Another Day by Lene Marlin and in the other by some random coincidence you have the never released as a single Another Day by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Which one's best. There's only one way to find out. Well here I come to make the difficult choices so you don't have to.

I'll listen to one and post my thoughts as I go. Like with Amy Winehouse and co but with less emphasis on how lovely the artist is and more emphasis on what the song is like.
Lene Marlin is up first by virtue of being first in the alphabet. It's quite a light song. As you would expect from Lene. There's probably a guitar and a piano but there's definately something making a wawawawowm noise. What are those instruments that go wawawawowm? Don't worry it'll come to me. If you like whatever makes that noise then I'd go for this one. It's got plenty of it. Into the chorus again. We've already been here once. I was busy telling you about that noise. It's good. Sounds like it could be reasonably catchy. Not catchy in a ridiculous pop way but in a good way. It seems to be about being in a relationship. The another day bit is to do with time passing in aforementioned relationship. It's good but is it good enough?

Okay so here comes Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Another Day. Will it contain that wawawawowm sound we've all come to know and love...? No. It's a lot more upbeat than Lene Marlin's version. This one seems to be about some kind of friendship between her and someone else and helping each other through another day. It's got lots of sounds in it (weirdly enough, it is like music you know. Music tends to have a lot of sounds in it) like for example computer noises from the eighties. wawawawowm and computer noises from the eighties, but which is better? There's only one way to find out... FIGHT! But seriously this sounds like it could be a tough competition. Plus it turns into organ music at the end. That's either points on or points off dependant on whether or not you like organ music.

Now which of the two is better? Mellow and full of wawawawowm noises Lene Marlin or upbeat computer noises Sophie Ellis Bextor. Personally my vote is with Lene Marlin. Not just because of the wawawawowm noises but also because it was released as an actual single where Sophie's wasn't so there. Dilemma solved.


(Anonymous) at 2008-02-12 02:13 (UTC) (Link)
SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR's song is waaaaay better than Lene Marlin's song. Sophie is a wonderful singer and a very talented performer. And definitely looks amazing!!
cube_166 at 2008-02-12 12:09 (UTC) (Link)
I definately agree that Sophie is an a great singer. I wouldn't have bought her albums otherwise. In this instance however I found Lene's song to be slightly better. They're both good songs though.
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