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Live Action Livejournal

Posted on 2004.05.19 at 11:39
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Okay now. I've been thinking about trying to do this for a while now... and I honestly had my reseverations that anything would work well enough to warrant it. However here I am about to attempt to write a kind of live-action livejournal. So i'm at college once again, and as usual i've spotted an attractive girl, note that this is a different attractive girl, not one i'm currently engaged in stalking. She's sitting on the computer opposite mine, doing some work or something. There it is... eye contact... what now? What are you meant to do about eye contact... okay i'm just going to appear to be looking at the screen now, but i'm really going to be watching her out of the corner of my eye. I'm sure she just looked in my direction... what does that mean... is she disgusted, yet compelled to find how deep the disgustingness goes or is she genuinely interested? or perhaps it was just a passing glance? How is anybody expected to know this type of thing?
Okay i'm going to look at her some more... nothing is happening now... I don't appear to even be getting a second glance... perhaps it was merely a coincidence... Shes got on a green jacket, and a yellow shirt, and has blondish hair... She appears to be typing out some kind of assignment... oh no... horror... she's talking to the guy sat beside her... what does this mean... I can't get a view of the guy, or is it a girl... theres a computer in he way... is she interested in him/her... do i even matter more than as an insignificant speck of dust in the background of her life... dear god i must really suck if shes more interested in some guy (yes it is a guy now for sure) who for all i know has no face... or is a murderer...
Things looking very bad now... I can tell what is being said, but it sounds of a very intimate nature... It seems like i'm definately being discarded here... oh hang on... they were talking about phones... i'm back in the game... or at least i would be if this guy wasn't hanging around me, making me look bad...
Hang about I recognise that voice... I think it might be one of them from Business Studies... one of the ones I've been sat near for like a year but haven't had the nerve to even speak to yet. In case you are wondering I have a terrible memory for faces and so poor recall on everyone i meet is practically to be expected.
Okay, I'm going to use my most advanced trick I have available to me... I'm going to sort of trail off with the typing, not abruptly or anything... but then i'm going to turn and sort of stare, defocusing my eyes, as though i'm trying to focus on something that eludes me... wish me luck...
Eye contact again... this has to be the furthest I've ever gotten... twice eye contact and a fleeting glance... even if she's with this other guy this one goes down in the record books. It looks like i'm back to the defocusing again... it seems to be the only thing that works.
Nope... I'm not getting any glances or eye contact this time... I think it simply has been coincidences so far... I need to come up with something drastic to gain attention, and it also has to be subtle, but you know me... I can not do subtle. I have some kind of inbuilt thing that protects me against ever having to do anything that is subtle... perhaps if i was to have some kind of blazing argument or something then attention would be brought my way... but i don't have anyone to argue with, or anything to argue over.
Okay, i've got it... I am the master of subtlety... I'll get my mobile phone to ring... in a quiet place like this i'll surely get some attention... jesus christ there it was again... another eye contact moment... my stomach is going all sort of tingly and my feet are feeling all... well theres no word for it... but rest assured that when i find one it'll go here. She's staring down at her work, and the keyboard now... is she pointedly trying to ignore me? Have i disturbed her with all of these eye contact moments? Should I just give up and go somewhere else? Is it just that she has pressing work which she needs to focus on?
There it was again... something is definately going on here... I'm getting all the pains I usually use to flee the scene when something happens... I think there is some sort of elognated looking at me going on now... I've creeped her out, haven't I? I fully expect her to be leaving any minute now. And I was doing so well as well... Well at least I think that I was... by my standards this is practically perfection... I think there was a glance there... dear god, what if she is interested, what the hell do i do then?
Okay, stay calm... all the evidence you have to support this on is some eye erm... meetage... god i've even forgotten words... how do people ever get anything done when they are feeling like this. She keeps leaning over and whispering to that guy. I'm not sure what is going on... There is laughing now... they aren't laughing at me are they? dear god they better not be laughing at me.
I think I'm going to go now... I've entered a state of panic and I can feel the cold sweat coming on... pretty soon (when the delirium sets in) I won't be fit to speak to anybody.

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