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Tatu 1

Features Roundup

Posted on 2008.02.10 at 02:23
Current Music:: Fightstar - Palahniuk's Laughter
Okay so at the moment there's features flying everywhere. Centurys of Facts here. Random Reviews there. Quizzes and Month Names and everything. Blame my inability to have an interesting life which has forced me to create interesting features instead. So here to make your life a bit easier and my lj a bit more readable is a roundup of the features that currently exist and when they happen and what they're about and all that. Oh and some features which have been beamed straight from the future. If they don't exist yet they soon will. Soon is a relative word.

Daily Features:
A Century of Facts - 100 Facts from my Life.

Weekly Features:
Thank God It's Wednesday! - Every Wednesday - Reasons to enjoy Wednesday. Will have it's own icon and theme tune.
Random Review - Every Thursday - I review whatever comes up from clicking on random article on wikipedia
Chesstrology Forecast - Every Saturday - Predictions for the week ahead based on your chess sign.

Monthly Features:
Oracle of the Months - I rename the months to keep them fresh and exciting.
Thing/Not A Thing Quiz - Topical quiz involving real or not real things relevant to the month.

Yearly Features:
10 Best Things of the Year - 10 Best Imaginary Events of the Year.
500 Word Memories - The year in 500 words, with links to the most exciting moments of the year.
Oracle of the Years - I rename all the years because the current year naming system is boring.

Infrequent Features:
(Pretend) Writer's Block - It is used whenever Writer's Block really isn't giving me anything to write about.
Celebrity Deaths - A gloriously flippant feature in which I ruminate over the deaths of celebrities.
Zeroes - I make up inept superheroes and equally inept supervillans for them to thwart.
Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - A David Bowie inspired feature in which I compare this year to previous years and note the differences.
Songs That Have The Same Name - I listen to songs that have the same name and discuss which is better.

Rare Features:
Cubius Von Lesbiartus Investigates - Used when a mystery has occurred that only CVL can solve. He's only ever handled three cases and one of them was probably hypothetical.

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