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Tatu 52

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 87

Posted on 2008.02.09 at 15:41
Current Music:: Guillemots - Trains To Brazil
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Fact 87: I wake up quickly.

I know everyone when they wake up is then awake and up once they've woke up but I mean the sort of gradual work to being awake, sensible (relatively speaking) and coherant. Some people need to drink coffee etc to get to that point. If I'm still awake after five minutes I'm properly awake. All I need is five minutes awake time and I'm ready to go. I'll still probably be tired and do some yawning but I can handle that.

Moving on Bill Bailey is going to be in Skins, it's a sort of teenage E4 Drama thing or something to that general effect. So I'm going to attempt to catch up with it just so I can see Bill Bailey in it. I've already watched the first episode (of the first series) and it seemed decent enough so far. I'll report back with more opinions and things when I've got more things to have opinions and things about.

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