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Tatu 25

Writer's Block: Last Night's Dreams

Posted on 2008.02.09 at 15:32
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What did you dream about last night?

I love going around espousing my dreams in copious details so without further delay here we go for some dreams. I didn't have any that I can remember last night and I don't remember any from the night before. Although I did suddenly notice that I was awake during the night the night before. That's not like suddenly waking up. I have the suspicion that I hadn't actually fell asleep but I'd been so deeply immersed in thinking about Bioshock that I hadn't noticed.

But a couple of nights ago I did have a dream. I was going out with some woman or other, I don't remember the details about her. Anyway me, her and her friend for some reason were at this restaurant and I don't really remember what happened there but then we were at a My Chemical Romance gig, and the table and chairs had turned into bleachers like at a high school gym in America. Anyway it wasn't an ordinary My Chemical Romance gig because it was a collaboration between them and Derren Brown. He gave everyone a plain brown envelope on the way in and told everyone not to open them. Half way through he said that on the way out he'd be near the exit and everyone should come and ask him one question they already know the answer to. So I went up to him at the end and asked him when me and this girl I was going out with was getting married. He indicated the envelope and I opened it up and the answer was in there. Which incidentally was May.

Another dream which I've had recently started off with me arriving in this abandoned city and I found myself in the city control room. I know cities don't really have control rooms but this one did. That's probably why it had been abandoned. Anyway this man off of Primeval flew in via helicopter. The one that's played by Ben Miller. He's slightly sinister. He flew in and went down into the control room. It was at this point that Locke from Lost turned up. He thought that the man off Primeval was a bad man and so we planted some bombs along the corridors leading to the control room and set them off. It caused the door of our escape route to jam shut and so we were then forced to cooperate with the Primeval man to get him to open the door from the city control room. Anyway me and Locke must have been seperated and the next bit I remember I'm on a train with all these bodyguards. I think some time must have passed because I think these bodyguards had been guarding me for a while and they were having to go somewhere or something. I think this because I'd bought a magazine as a gift for one of them. I was stood there putting it down on the table, trying to do it in a suave and cool way like he would have done, when I accidentally knocked a pack of cards on the floor. I went to pick them up and noticed that they were all strange deck with cards I'd never seen before like 'tab cards' and I think one of the suits was green. Anyway the next thing I remember I was in a cinema with my friend Lee and we were watching something that appeared to be a mix between Pinnochio and Dumbo. You know one of those old disney films type film. The moral at the end of the film however was 'dogs are great'. Then we had to watch information on this tv program that was being covertly filmed and which was being a menace. The idea behind the program was like a Beadle's About kind of thing with a man giving out free sweets, supposedly as a promotion for them. Anyway the sweets were all weird and designed to freak people out. The film advised us to beware of him. So at that point I go out onto the street and there is a man in a booth giving out free sweets so instead of ignoring him, like what was advised I decide to go over get some sweets and then act in a peculiar way so I can be on TV, or so it would be funny. Something or other. Anyway I go over and he offers me voodoo dinosaur sweets and for some reason I think they sound alright. So I'm about to accept them then I think "yuck! dinosaur! I don't want to eat a dinosaur!" So I then ask if he's got anything still voodooish but with less dinosaur. So he tries to fob me off with some spearmint balls or something. Anyway I'm telling him that they weren't very voodooish and he was telling me that they are VERY voodooish and I refuse to have them and then I wake up.

Good or what?

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