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A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 86

Posted on 2008.02.08 at 18:44
Current Music:: AC/DC - Back In Black
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Fact 86: I sleep on my side.

On my right side. What? That's a valid fact. Valid facts are facts which are both true and factual. That happens to genuinely be what I do. The fact that it's boring is irrelevant. I mean look at Coronation Street and all that. They churn out boring scripts every day and does anyone go onto their livejournal and complain. Well possibly. I would like to see Coronation Street having a livejournal. Not the characters having one like lots of modern filmmakers and all that do with MySpace and FaceBook nowadays. I mean the street itself has a livejournal. Entries would read like 'all them idiots were walking about on me again today. They were having an argument. I wish they'd be quiet. I never get any sleep.' What's more is I don't reckon they pay that street. Imagine if they didn't have it. It'd just be called Coronation which isn't a good description by anyone's reckoning. People would think there was a new queen or something.

Anyway the other thing is that FaceBook is a rubbish name for a website unless you're some kind of serial killer who collects people's faces pressed into the pages of a book. In which case it's a great name for a website but you should seek mental help. I'm on FaceBook now as well. I'm not likely to use it. I just signed up so I could list myself as a fan of the Chris Moyles show. They were just like 'would you kindly sign up' or something and I was straight to it. So that's that. Heading off to watch Supernatural now.

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