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Amy Winehouse

The End of Lent?

Posted on 2008.02.08 at 01:42
Current Music:: Kate Nash - Foundations/Lily Allen - Smile/Amy Winehouse - Rehab
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Okay so it's currently day three of Hate Free Lent. Okay it's not actually since I just started yesterday (technically today but it's after midnight) but since I didn't really do any hating on Wednesday I think I'm entitled to claim that as a Hate Free day as well. Anyway so it's day three of Hate Free Lent and it may be all about to end because in an effort to get along with Amy Lily and Kate I'm going to watch a music video of each of theirs. What will happen? Is lent about to end right now?

I'm going to watch Foundations by Kate Nash, Smile by Lily Allen and Rehab by Amy Winehouse in that order. If you want to listen/watch along in real time then get prepared while I seamlessly segway into them. So these are the most annoying songs by each artist. Not annoying because that implies hate. Songs that I usually don't like the most. I'll probably love them now I'm hate free. If I can make it through these three songs without expressing hate then I'm probably cured. I could probably have a foursome with them and I wouldn't be bothered.

Okay so here comes Kate Nash's Foundations. If you're listening/watching in real time then start your music video... NOW! Okay so it's just come on. She's thrown a bowling bowl at her shoe. I'm really behind here. Her enchanting voice has come on and she's not all annoying me at all. The even more enchanting voice has just been on. Hang on this is insane. I can't keep up with this. It's into the chorus now. Bad pun alert! Except it's really a great pun because there's no hate. This entire concept doesn't work does it. I have no idea whats going on in either this or in the video. She appears to be in a crib now. I have no idea why but she looks great of course. I've never heard this verse before. Oh my god! Her boyfriend is so bad! He's just been sick on her trainers! She only got them yesterday! Chorus again. Watches are hugging. She's actually quite attractive looking but sometimes she just talks and it ruins it. Oh Christ! I think Lent is over! Oh no! It's the end of the song! It's the end of Lent! It's the end of the world!

Okay that didn't go so great. I was typing so quickly attempting to make sense, not be hateful and keep up with the song. It's just not possible. She's really nice though and her voice is really nice as well. I wish she was here right now and I'd give her such a cuddle. Okay there we go lents back on. Onto the next music video. This is not going to go well at all. Argh! We have to start again because I cannot spell her name. Lily. L-I-L-Y. Okay try again why not? Commensorate music video... NOW!

Lily is eating some chocolate. She's quite nice looking actually as well. Not that I'm surprised she's really nice. She's singing now. A big black line just jumped in front of her mouth. What's going on? Hang on. I've been peculiarised. I'm stopping this. It's got me blindsided. I wasn't expecting black things to be running rampant throughout her house and jumping in front of her mouth. She's probably rushed off her feet what with having such a brilliant career and everything. If she was here right now I'd offer to clean her house for her. Poor old Lily. Okay starting again from the beginning. Don't worry if you don't have a version with black things jumping in front of her mouth. I think it's something to do with censorship or something. So start again... NOW!

Lily's eating that chocolate again. She must be hungry. She's entitled to be. I like eating chocolate in bed as well. So there's the black thing. Moving on with it now. Okay so she's out on the street now and she's hired a man to go and get beaten up or something. That's a nice thing to do. I don't think that it was cruel or anything. At least she's taking him to dinner. I don't understand the storyline of this video. Which is hardly surprising because I've been typing at the same time. They've just wrecked his apartment or something. I'd still love to have her as my girlfriend though. What sane man wouldn't? So I think it's coming to an end now. She's walking down the middle of a street which isn't terribly safe. Someone should warn her. It's ended. The end.

So that was good i thought. I like her music now because I'm not full of nasty toxic venomous hate. Shall we move straight onto Amy. This one might be the hardest because we all feel a bit sorry for poor old Amy. The one place we want her to go is rehab and it seems to be the one place that she doesn't want to be. So prepared for a bit of Rehab with Amy Winehouse? If you're not by now you may never be. So here we go, make video go... NOW!

Amy's lying in bed. She's all tired. She's getting up now. Her bedroom appears to have been invaded by a band. If I was there I'd kick them out and tell them that she needs some time alone at the moment. Poor old Amy, she's having a look in the mirror. She has been for a while but now she's sat on the stairs. She really doesn't want to go to rehab. Amy's quite attractive as well. Especially in that white trenchcoat she was just in. I'm liking the idea of that foursome now. She's in some office now with a strange looking human skull and more members of the band. Chorus is here and she's gone back to bed but now she's in front of the mirror and on the stairs and back in bed! No wonder she's having a break down she can't keep still. Come on Amy you're a good person we all like you you have a good voice and you're attractive. Get rid of the trumpets and drugs and ooh! it's ended!

So there you go. Lent is still on and I've learnt a valuable lesson in how to treat Amy, Lily and Kate with respect. A lesson we could all do with learning. Now I'm off to kill some bastard covenant on Halo. Damn you covenant. How I hate you and your horrible songs! I mean and your wicked ways! *whistles nonchalantly*


clairyh at 2008-02-08 13:53 (UTC) (Link)
hah, brilliant post with a very valuable lesson...

perhaps for a grand finale to lent, you should read a whole magazine interview with each lady as they outpour their wise and wonderful views upon the world ... via heat magazine.
cube_166 at 2008-02-08 18:10 (UTC) (Link)
That sounds like a great idea. I'm definately going to try and do more things to try and get along with them all while I still have the opportunity.

Not that it's like an effort or anything...
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