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We Interrupt The Century of Facts To Bring You Chesstrology

Posted on 2008.02.05 at 14:20
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Chesstrology! We all love it, but what chess sign are you? Use my handy calculation system to figure out your chess sign and then look up your personality type below.

Chess signs are of course based on the squares of a chess board. To work out your chess sign you need to know the date of your birth and also the time of your birth. First work out what letter your chess sign is by looking up the date of your birth in this list:

a 1st Jan to 14th Feb
b 15th Feb to 31st Mar
c 1st Apr to 12:00 Noon 15th May
d 12:01 PM 15th May to 30th Jun
e 1st Jul to 12:00 Noon 15th Aug
f 12:01 PM 15th Aug to 30 Sep
g 1st Oct to 15th Nov
h 16th Nov to 31st Dec

Now you know half of your chess sign. Well the next half is obtained through the time you were born. Look up your time of birth for the number of your chess sign.

1. 12:00 Midnight till 6:29 AM
2. 6:30 AM till 10:00 AM
3. 10:01 AM till 11:59 AM
4. 12:00 Noon till 16:00 PM
5. 16:00 PM till 17:00 PM
6. 17:00 PM till 20:07 PM
7. 20:08 PM
8. 20:09 PM till 11:59 PM

Chess signs are multifaceted. The letter and the number both say something about you. Look it up below.

A. Those with the chess sign A are generally a nightmare. They stomp around with big black boots on shouting at people over insignificant and possibly non-existant things. They believe that the world revolves around them and if it doesn't it should.
B. Those with the chess sign B are so laid back you'd think they were dead. Sometimes they're so laid back that they forget to breathe. This can lead to problems and sometimes they need to be supervised. They typically are personable, cheerful and optimistic but too lazy to go out and be personable cheerful or optimistic to anyone.
C. Those with the chess sign C take off all their clothes whenever possible. They are generally autosexual (meaning they have a romantic and sexual attraction to themselves) and like to have parades in their honour. If it's a naked parade all the better.
D. Those with the chess sign D are lesbians, unless they are male in which case they are constantly late for every important event in their entire lives. It's a little known fact that those with the chess sign D are actually vibrating at a different electromagnetic frequency than the rest of us.
E. Those with the chess sign E typically cannot tell fact from fiction and either end up going mad or going extremely mad. Some of them think that Winston Churchill was a fictional character.
F. Those with the chess sign F are never content with what they are and aspire for things better to the point of denying everything they really are and adopting a new identity out of sheer desperation. You will never meet someone who openly admits to being an F, who is an actual F and not just a C looking for attention.
G. Those with the chess sign G are always depressed. They mope around and typically like to paint their room black and fill it with lots of creepy gothic art and stuff. Some of them look all pale.
H. Those with the chess sign H act like they are made of sunshine. They go around full of the joys of life all the time and they are impossible to depress. They don't have a long life expectancy because nobody likes to see someone who is too cheerful.

1. Those with the chess sign 1 enjoy sneaking downstairs at night and drinking lemonade. Some of them enjoy it so much that they even do it during the day.
2. Those with the chess sign 2 are alchoholics. Even if they've never drunk a drop of alcohol in their life they're still addicted. For that is the sad fate of those with the chess sign 2.
3. Those with the chess sign 3 are the most likely to attack a rhinocerous with their teeth.
4. Those with the chess sign 4 buy things and never use them. It's a subconcious thing, they might not even notice they're doing it.
5. Those with the chess sign 5 stare at the clock with the mistaken belief that they are Hiro Nakamura and they can bend time.
6. Those with the chess sign 6 are constantly thinking about sex. Even when they aren't.
7. Those with the chess sign 7 are considered very lucky and like the band 808 State
8. Those with the chess sign 8 don't actually exist. They are just a trick of the light.

For the record I am a E-5.

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