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Tatu 55

(Pretend) Writer's Block: Scary Ghost

Posted on 2008.02.02 at 10:49
Current Music:: t.A.T.u. - Gomenasai
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If you were a ghost and consequently could haunt anyone who would you haunt?

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So todays genuine Writer's Block sucks and the obvious answer is if I want to do something artistic then why don't I stop sitting about here whining about it and get on with doing the something that's artistic. So with that said who would I haunt someone were I able? It's a tough one you must agree. You can either go and haunt someone you hate to annoy them and that or go and haunt some attractive lesbians and instead of making lots of noise just stay reasonably quiet. If only I could find attractive lesbians that I hate then I'd be able to perform both functions of being a ghost at once.

As there are no lesbians that I hate I'm going to go for Amy Winehouse instead. Not because she's an attractive lesbian because a) she's not attractive and b) for the first time in my life I'm hoping that she isn't a lesbian. No, it's because I hate her. I don't endorse haunting Amy Winehouse as she's walking down some steep stairs but if there was someone doing it I would endorse it!

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