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Oracle of the Years Tiresome February Renaming Ceremony

Posted on 2008.02.01 at 00:07
Current Music:: The Rasmus - Time To Burn
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Okay so that was a lot of words to describe what's about to happen. I, the self-proclaimed Oracle of the Years will tiresomely rename February now in a Tiresome February Renaming Ceremony. Commence Tiresome Ceremony.

Okay so Dewbighty (the renamed January) went pretty well. People from all around the world appear to have picked up on the inventive new month names. For example an eskimo woman came up to me and said she'd had a great Dewbighty thanks to me. Then a mexican woman did the same, followed by an australian woman and a japanese woman. And with the four most important countries in the world covered (greenland, mexico, australia and japan) my new names for months are sure to be a worldwide phenomenon.
So anyway February shall henceforth be known as Xaixalzix. Have a nice Xaixalzix everyone. See you at the start of next month.

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