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Kroenen 4

Celebrity Deaths!

Posted on 2008.01.31 at 20:02
Current Music:: Lostprophets - Can't Stop Gotta Date With Hate
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Welcome to my new ridiculously flippant feature: Celebrity Deaths. I swear that by the next time a celebrity snuffs it and all that palava I'll have a big catchy theme tune you can all hum along to and a big flashy graphic that will invade your brain and ensnare your soul.

Heath Ledger dies and you'd think it was either the end of the world or it was the death of the queen or something. Either way people won't shut up about this person who I've never heard of dying. Jeremy Beadle dies and I may very well be the only person on the planet who noticed.

Also since celebrities die in threes I'm hoping for Amy Winehouse to complete the current trio of deaths. Come on Amy. You don't want to live in the real world now do ya darlin? Hows about having a shufti on over into the afterlife. It'd save everyone an awful lot of trouble.

(I don't condone death in any way. Nor do I condone throwing rocks at Amy Winehouse. I don't condone it to the extent that I'm shocked and appalled anyone would even think of it let alone endorse it.)

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