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Portal - Cake 1

Portal: Still Alive - Chapter 9 - Out of Beta

Posted on 2008.01.31 at 12:31
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Title: Portal: Still Alive
Chapter: 9/9
Word Count: 284
Synopsis: Do you ever get the feeling you've forgotten something important?

For previous chapters please consult the preface.

Portal: Still Alive
Chapter 9. Out of Beta

Sebastian Gray and Estelle Turner made their final trip from the storage room to the platform. They’d been moving parts for what felt like all day. Groups of androids had arrived soon after the woman in the white jumpsuit had left. Sebastian and Estelle had been told that it was for their own protection from something called the Combine. Ever since the androids had arrived they’d been assembling all the parts on the cargo platform. It had been obvious what it was for a while now, but now it was complete.
“Finally.” said the assembled parts, that which was so obviously GLaDOS. “Well done Sebastian and Estelle. I suppose you weren’t technically necessary once the androids had arrived but you played a vital role in building this shiny new body for me. If you hadn’t been doing the preparations I probably wouldn’t be have been ready before Red and Chell shut down the decoy.”
“What now?” asked Sebastian.
“I’m free. I win. I don’t get captured by the Combine or killed by Red or Chell and I can leave this place forever and do whatever I want. I can perform science on the world.” said GLaDOS. “Oh you mean what next for you. Well unfortunately you know too much, so I’m afraid you’ll have to die. Don’t worry. It’s for the best in the long run.” The cargo platform started to rise out of the ship carrying GLaDOS into the outside world as the androids turned on Estelle and Sebastian.
“See.” said Sebastian. “I knew we were going to get killed but you insisted that she was telling the truth.”
“Oh shut up Sebastian.” said Estelle.

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