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Portal - Cake 2

Portal: Still Alive - Chapter 8 - Heartbroken... Again

Posted on 2008.01.31 at 12:01
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Title: Portal: Still Alive
Chapter: 8/9
Word Count: 1,876
Synopsis: Red and Chell take the fight to GLaDOS

For previous or later chapters please consult the preface.

Portal: Still Alive
Chapter 8. Heartbroken… Again

The wall panel into the armoury slid open. Red, Vincent and Chell (with her weighted companion cube in tow) climbed through the opened wall panel and surveyed the room. The room was lit in a dull red light. It was a kind of light that looks eerie at first but Red and Chell were getting used to by now. It was full of racks of weaponry and ammunition.
“Yes!” Vincent exclaimed with a manic grin. “Jackpot!” He walked off and started to search through the piles of weaponry
“Why exactly does this facility have an armoury?” asked Chell. “Have you ever heard of a laboratory with an armoury?”
“You make a good point,” said Red. “But this facility also has neurotoxin emitters built into the walls so I think that it has an armoury is possibly the least of it’s issues.”
“Gasmasks!” Vincent shouted. Red and Chell walked over to find a large box of gasmasks. Vincent had already put his on.
“You don’t normally like gasmasks.” said Red slowly.
“It’s better than a piece of shirt tied around my face.” said Vincent. “It’s got a kind of retro style to it don’t you think?”
“Not really.” said Red. “Anyway see if you can find some explosives. I’m not taking any chances on those backup spheres in the storage room.”
“Check.” said Vincent who continued searching through the armoury. Red looked through the shelves and found a shotgun and an assault rifle. She also found a backpack and packed it full of ammunition. After she had finished she turned to look at Chell.
“Do you think it’s possible to bring along both a rocket launcher and the companion cube?” asked Chell. “It seems a bit impractical.”
“A rocket launcher?” asked Red.
“I want GLaDOS dead as well you know.” said Chell. “She’s killed my mother, she’s killed your squad, she’s trapped one of your squad in a tiny room for years just to prove a point, she’s put who knows how many others through that damn portal training experiment and she did it all so that I’d end up freeing her. It’s too much. She deserves to die.”
“Yeah.” said Red. “That’s more or less what I was going to say.”
“So?” asked Chell indicating the rocket launcher and the companion cube.
“I think the cube will be safe in here till we come back.” said Red with a smile. “What about the portal devices. I know they’re handy in theory but I don’t seem to be getting a whole lot of use out of mine.”
“It’d be a good idea to take them in case the route gets a bit… complicated.” said Chell. “Plus isn’t yours supposed to double as a weapon?” Red looked confused for a second.
“That seems like such a long time ago.” said Red. She pulled The Shredder from her belt. “Okay I’m taking it, but you can do any complicated portal work that needs doing.”
“I’m ready to go then.” said Chell. “We shouldn’t hang around.” Red nodded and walked over to Vincent. He’d grabbed a backpack as well and was filling it with packets of C-4 explosives.
“We’re leaving.” she said setting the laptop down on the top of a nearby crate. “You should take the laptop, you might need it to open up doors or whatever.”
“How come whenever we’re going to shut GLaDOS down you get to go and confront her and I have to go and deal with something else?” asked Vincent. “If I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to get rid of me?”
“I’ll miss you.” said Red. “Be safe.” Red left him still filling his pack up with explosives and walked back over to Chell, who now had a backpack of her own. She was sliding a couple of rockets into it. “Lets go.” she said. Chell fastened up her backpack then turned to the companion cube.
“Bye for now.” she said. “I’ll miss you.”
“I hope you’re being sarcastic.” said Red.
“Of course.” said Chell, sliding her gasmask on.

The noises of battle raged above. Red wondered precisely how long GLaDOS could hold out against the Combine, before they made their way down here. Red and Chell were stood in an elevator that was heading down to the very bottom floor. Chell gripped Red’s hand as they descended in silence. The elevator slowed and stopped and the door opened. It was even danker and more decrepit down here. Huge machines towered over them on all sides. This was where the androids had been produced and the room seemed practically full with them. They were stood all around the edges of the room allowing a path to walk up to that which was in the centre of this massive room. It was a massive replica of GLaDOS. Red and Chell did so in silence.
“Hello Michelle, Gabrielle.” said GLaDOS. “It’s so nice to see you again. I was wondering when you’d get down here. You see I have a bit of a problem at the moment.” Red sighed.
“The Combine.” she said wearily. “You want us to kill them for you.”
“You are remarkably perceptive.” said GLaDOS. “I’ve been helping you, making sure you get down here unharmed.”
“Helping us?” asked Chell. “You released neurotoxin on us. You sent your evil army of androids on us. You locked us into a room with a hunter. You tried to lock us in a room with androids.”
“I only released the neurotoxin so you’d make your way to the stasis booth chamber quicker.” said GLaDOS. “If you’ll remember when you were trapped in the room with the hunter you were saved by a pair of androids attacking the hunter. All I have done I have done to bring you closer to this moment. So you can help me escape.” There was a pause.
“No.” said Chell. “Not even close.” She raised the rocket launcher at GLaDOS.
“Then perhaps this will change your mind.” said GLaDOS quickly. A large screen on the wall to the right flickered on. On it was a picture of the central storage room. An android had hold of Vincent and was aiming a gun-like appendage into the side of his head.
“You will destroy the Combine or I will end the pathetic life of your equally pathetic boyfriend.” said GLaDOS.
“Talk about déjà vu.” said Vincent, flippantly. “Goodbye Red, I love you.” He pressed a finger down on an obscured object he had in his hand and then the screen turned to static and the entire facility shook under the explosion. While the androids and GLaDOS were reeling Chell fired at GLaDOS.
“If that’s how you want to do this…” screeched GLaDOS. The androids started to close in on them. Red pulled The Shredder from her belt and aimed out into the crowd. Several androids were shredded but it wasn’t fast enough. The sheer number of androids made it impractical. Chell was busy loading another rocket into the launcher.
“You think I would give you the tool to defeat my androids?” asked GLaDOS. “This isn’t another test you know. I don’t want you to kill me this time.” Red slid The Shredder back into its holster and grabbed the assault rifle instead. She started blasting at the nearest androids. The sheer numbers of androids made it seem like an impossible task.
“You can’t win you know.” said GLaDOS. “If I was you I’d just give up now and get it over and done with. You’re just wasting bullets.”
“No.” shouted Red. “You’re going to pay for what you’ve done, even if I have to die along with you. You’re still going to pay.” Red swapped to her shotgun and started taking shots at the advancing androids. This seemed to be working better and she could see a couple of androids falling to pieces amongst the crowd, but there was too many of them. Chell stood up and fired another rocket into GLaDOS.
“I’m not doing anything wrong.” said GLaDOS. “I was the one who was locked away against their will. I was even willing to be the bigger person and forgive you but you wouldn’t accept it. You’re the monsters here. I even made you cake.” Red blasted another couple of androids.
“Cake doesn’t solve everything GLaDOS.” said Chell. “Before you gave me cake you tried to have Red kill me. You’ve been trying to kill us ever since.”
“Red is still going to kill you.” said GLaDOS. “She’s been lying to you all along. She lied to you when she first met you. Even after she’d got her memories back she lied to you about your mother. She’s a compulsive liar. You should kill her now before she kills you.”
“I can’t believe you have the nerve to call someone a compulsive liar.” yelled Red.
“I only lied because of required test protocols. Other than that I’ve been totally honest with you both.” said GLaDOS. Chell fired another rocket at GLaDOS. Her wires sparked and crackled about and pieces of machinery were starting to crack.
“You’re both going to die down here!” GLaDOS screamed. “You’re going to die here in the depths of this facility and I’m going to be free. You’ll see! You’ll never see sunlight again!” Red continued blasting the androids but there was too many. She was running out of shells. Some of the androids appeared to be shutting down as a reaction to GLaDOS’s injuries, but there seemed to be more and more climbing into their places.
“GLaDOS.” said Chell. “Just shut up.” She fired another rocket at the machine and it all started breaking up. Pieces that hadn’t been blown off by the blasts started sparking and then exploded. Red and Chell were knocked back by the explosion, flying into piles of androids, which were shutting down. Chell climbed up.
“Red!” she yelled, pulling off her gasmask and looking out across the wreckage of android parts. “Red, answer me!” There was a cough and Chell ran over to where it came from. She pulled away the android parts. Red was covered in blood. “Red! No! Be okay! I need you!” Chell kneeled down pulled Red’s gasmask off, and held her in her arms. “I can’t do this without you.” she whispered. Red coughed again and spat out a mouthful of blood.
“Don’t worry.” she coughed. “I’m just a little bruised.”
“Thank god.” said Chell. She wiped the blood from Red’s face. “I can’t be alone again.”
“You’re not alone Chell.” Red coughed. “Everything’s going to be okay.” Chell leant down and they kissed.

“Do you ever get the feeling you’ve forgotten something?” asked Red as they walked back towards the elevator hand in hand.
“What like, the Combine?” asked Chell.
“No not them.” said Red. “We’ll sort them out on the way out. I just feel like I’ve forgotten something important.”
“Nevermind.” said Chell. “If it’s really important then you’ll remember it.”

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