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Tatu 51

Writer's Block: An Artist Is...

Posted on 2008.01.31 at 10:49
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Do you consider yourself an artist?

Actually yes, why not. I was going to say no I don't and that artists flounce about with paintbrushes and all that but then if art can be unmade beds and all that kind of nonsense then I guess I'm an artist as well. I always used to leave litter about my old college and call it art as justification for my laziness (and also a witty barb at the art community), so there's an example of my work.

Also ten thumbs up on your absolutely astonishing tag today. Consider artist is possibly the worst tag anyones ever thought up. It's just so totally meaningless and pointless that it's like art in itself. By the way in a totally unrelated note the nominees for the Turner Prize have just been announced. They are in no particular order 'half eaten bags of chips left around campus which demonstrate my laziness' by Cube166 and 'ridiculous 'consider artist' tag which demonstrates the pointless and futility of life' by Writer's Block.

Who will win the Turner Prize? Will Writer's Block ever come up with a more ridiculous tag? Have my old half eaten bags of chips not been cleaned up by now? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion where absolutely none of these questions will be answered. Except possibly the one about ridiculous tags.

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