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Tatu - Julia 2

Random Review 2

Posted on 2008.01.31 at 01:30
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Okay so here's the new weekly feature that i introduced last week. I go onto the old wikipedia, hit random article and then review whatever comes up, no matter what it is. This week: Powhatan County, Virginia

So Powhatan County is a part of Virginia. You know that place in the US where they have erm... I don't know what stereotype is associated with Virginia so I therefore imagine that they're all virgins. You can't fault the logic there. Anyway because of this people have to keep moving to Virginia, if they didn't then everyone would die out eventually because nobody is allowed to have sex and thus produce children. Okay so to recap thus far we know that everyone in Powhatan County is a virgin and they're not allowed to have sex. Already this place isn't sounding like the ideal place to live, but lets delve further.

Powhatan, besides being one letter away from being a superhero who hits people with hats, was founded in 1777 which means it's been up and running for approximately 231 years. This strikes me as a very long time as I've never had to wait for a bus for 231 years and I've had to wait for a bus for a very long time. It's still going strong after all this time but maybe in terms of counties that's not been going very long at all. There's only one way to find out if this is a good number or not and that's to compare it to another county. The only famous county that springs to mind is Orange County, better known as the hit TV show The O.C. The O.C. was founded in 2003 and thus has only been up and running for 5 years, and plus it ended last year so it's technically it was only up and running for 4 years. Massively inferior to Powhatan County's 231 years.

So here we are at the final summary. We've heard both the bad points (you're not allowed to have sex) and the good points (it has more longevity than The O.C.) about Powhatan County and it's time to put it into the blender of judgement and find out if it's good or bad. So here we go. Fingers crossed. Start the Blending.
So there you have it. Thanks to our mighty Blender of Judgement we rank Powhatan a Please Restart Blending out of 10.

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