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Tatu 46

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 76

Posted on 2008.01.28 at 10:48
Current Music:: Jimmy Eat World - 23
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Fact 76: I have never seen a fairy.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I've attempted to go around looking for fairies around my garden in the twilight or anything. It just means that no fairies have flew into my field of vision and attempted to grab my attention in any way. Isn't the term field of vision great? It makes me imagine a field out in the countryside and whenever anything goes in there I can see them. Which would be annoying really because how interesting is a field in the countryside going to be. Not unless I can convince lesbians that it's the hottest new lesbian make-out spot in the world. Then we're talking.
Who needs fairies when you've got a field full of hot lesbians eh? Well maybe someone who doesn't like lesbians, in which case they should stop having a field of vision and give it to someone who appreciates it.

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