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Tatu 44

Halo Threekend

Posted on 2008.01.27 at 17:24
Current Music:: Drive-By - Accidents
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Yes that's right. Even in my real life when I'm not making up nonsense to put up on here I still think in puns. Deal with it. Anyway although business did occur it didn't occur to the extent which I was predicting and so here I am back here again. I needn't really have bothered with the whole posting the facts feature and the pretend writer's block. I've had more than enough time and both days to do the actual thing.
Still though there are a slew of reasons why it was a positive experience not least including revelations (even to me) of who i would be if i could be a celebrity for a day (i thought i was going to pick Lena Katinka but apparently not), then I discovered GodJesus the Japanese Jesus Robot (well I didn't personally discover it but I found out about it) and last but not least I got to answer another photography related question. For some reason despite the insanity of it all they're more answerable than most questions. Especially the ones I skipped over the weekend. They looked like drudgery personified. And believe me I've met the personification of drudgery. It was a tedious, menial and unpleasant experience.

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