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Tatu 41

(Pretend) Writer's Block: Pictures From Beyond The Grave

Posted on 2008.01.26 at 00:13
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If you were buried alive with a camera what would you take pictures of?

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Look at that. That's not bad for an attempt at imitating the style of Writer's Block, but then again since this is actual Writer's Block, and I don't know why anyone would be imitating it, it looks downright shoddy. Anyway here we go with the whole answering yet another photography related question. (Hey it's just like being back in the 7th to the 13th of January again.)

So right if I was buried alive I would take photographs of my still alive face and then presumably since I've been allowed to be buried alive with a camera I've also got a fax machine and other amenities. Anyway I fax over my photograph of me to the police and they come over and rescue me. The first and, if I have my way, only time a camera will ever be useful (provided you have a fax machine as well which doesn't make it all that useful. Just fax over the words "Help I'm buried alive get me out of here." To be completely fair you probably would still need to write that if you took a photo. The lighting can't be all that great when buried alive. Plus it'd just look like a face, and then you'd need to tell the police where to look (the grave of Paula Shultz naturally). So the camera is once again superfluous.

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