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Tatu 40

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 74

Posted on 2008.01.26 at 00:04
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Fact 74: I have never seen a vampire.

Get used the format of I have never seen a blank. You'll be seeing it from fact 74 all the way through to fact 100. Probably. I'm genuinely out of genuine ideas now. So you may be thinking to yourself that this is a bit earlier than you'd usually expect me to deploying the facts feature. And you'd be correct. Things are happening this weekend but I'm determined not to mess up on my new years resolution and post something on here every day. So I'm getting in on the act early and then I might send a fact into the future by altering the time on the post. I don't quite understand what that'll do to people's friends pages, but if everyone braces for it at once then I'm sure we should all come through it in one peice.

So obviously I won't be able to do the Writer's Block thing, but don't worry because I'm planning to do a special spinoff edition where I assume the mantle of the questioner and the questionee and ask myself questions which I think Writer's Block would ask. Then reply to them in a flippant and dismissive manner.

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