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Tatu 38

Writer's Block: I'm A Loyal Customer

Posted on 2008.01.25 at 11:00
Current Music:: The Feeling - I Thought It Was Over
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What makes you loyal to a brand?

I'm guessing it's some kind of PR person who has submitted this question. They're thinking "hmmm, I know an easy way to get some research done..." Then they cackle maniacally because PR people and evil witches are somewhat similar. Plus you don't see many witches about these days so some people believe that witches gave up witching when the witchfinders set about killing them all and took up a different but equally evil vocation. That of being a PR person.

Anyway (just so that the PR person who submitted this question doesn't come after me with a giant spork) I am most loyal to brands that are good quality... and well cheap is nice, but for your information Mr. PR Person you should never advertise something as good quality and cheap. That is like saying 'not only is my product rock hard, it is also as soft as feathers', or 'not only does my product burn with the light of a thousand suns, it is also as dark as the inky black depths of oblivion itself'.

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