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Heroes - Eclipse

Presenting Another New Feature: Zeroes

Posted on 2008.01.24 at 18:53
Current Music:: Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
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I present the second new feature in the space of 24 hours: Zeroes (the name may be changed later to something less cheesy). In this new semi-regular feature I shall pontificate on the worst superheroes/villains I can possibly come up with.

For a while now I have been musing on a villain known as The Ghost of Crocodilicus. Not only does he have a ridiculous name he also has a song about how terrifying and evil he is. Well it was going to be a song but it appears to have been broken down into what sound like a mixture between feeble threats and jokes or in one case a community chest card.

  • "The Ghost of Crocodilicus will follow you forever more... as long as you don't move too fast or hide from him or leave the country. (His passport was taken away for punching a cake.)"

  • "The Ghost of Crocodilicus will push over all your hatstands, he'll stare at your children's hands. He'll reverse charge call you from a bayou, he'll find a hat and wear it near you?!"

And finally you should write this one down and add it as an extra card to your monopoly set. Get rid of the second place in a beauty contest one. That one is stupid and lame. How come nobody ever wins first place eh? The whole system is crooked! Anyway here it is.
"The Ghost of Crocodilicus is angry you forgot his birthday. He's going to take your aero away!"

So The Ghost of Crocodilicus is terrorizing a city or something. If only there was a hero powerful enough to save the city or whatever from him. Well luckily one man is on the case. Peter Dickson by day is a mild mannered voiceover man, but whenever trouble threatens he transforms into Voiceover Man. Mercilessly commentating on villains actions until they give up or kill themselves Voiceover Man is a force for good in a world where people don't like to have someone commentating on what they are doing.

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