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Tatu 30

Writer's Block: Work It

Posted on 2008.01.21 at 13:36
Current Music:: HIM - Killing Loneliness
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How do you make a living?

First take the still beating heart of a man. Place it in your voodoo cookpot. Add in a five pound note, voodoo juice, juju powder (available from all good voodoo retailers), some of your own hair, the ashes of Elvis Presley, a painting of Dorian Grey, a tablespoon of honey, some icing sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Then place it in the inside of a hand puppet. Blindfold, gag and tie up the puppet and put it in a locked cupboard on a full moon. At midnight recite the lyrics to Europe - The Final Countdown. No matter what noises you hear coming from the locked cupboard don't open the door for the next week. Once the week is over open the door and the puppet will have transformed into a living.

Not a living puppet. That would be madness. I mean a living, as in how do you make a living. It will transform the puppet into 'financial means, a means of maintaining life'. Good or what?

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