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Tatu 29

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 68

Posted on 2008.01.20 at 10:44
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Fact 68: Me and a friend once went on and on about going on Robot Wars like we were actually going to do it. The main problem we ran into was we didn’t have a robot.

This is true. A further problem is my friend didn't understand the scale of the robots and thought they were just little things about the size of a mouse. Mainly we just wanted to meet Craig Charles. Well I just mainly wanted to meet Craig Charles at any rate. (Ok now i'm going to attempt to make a tenuous link to pineapples, have a look then rate me out of ten and send suggestions for how i could do better on a self addressed envelope to yourself. When you recieve your suggestions look at them and think "What on earth was I thinking? Clearly Cube has this sewn up. He doesn't need advice from mere mortals such as myself!" or something. Do what you like really.) Okay so you know Craig Charles he was in that show Red Dwarf which was set in space which as we all know (thanks to Bernard in Black Books) is where pineapples come from.

So pineapples they're a good fruit right? Well they're of course my favourite fruit for reasons mentioned yesterday. I said I'd talk about them today and here I am ready to talk a storm up about them. It's going to be like that time when I was in New Orleans and I was talking up a storm and then coincidentally a storm happened. Well it's going to be like that except without a genuine storm... But seriously there isn't that much to say about pineapples. So there you go then. The End.

Chimpanzee That!

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