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Tatu 27

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 67

Posted on 2008.01.19 at 11:44
Current Music:: Armor For Sleep - The More You Talk The Less I Hear
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Fact 67: My favourite fruit is pineapple. Not because of the taste although they do taste nice but because of it’s shape.

I'm going to be quick today. Just a concept/joke for you and then I'm gone like a blast of wind dispersing back into the air, or something. If Sylar off of Heroes was to become a singer and needed a stage name he could call himself 'Get Brain. Eat Brain. Kill'

Comedy or what? There's almost limitless possibility with a snowclone like that. For example: If the Eskimos have [blank] words for snow, [blank] surely have [blank] words for [blank]. Fairly open to interpretation. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly on the other hand would be:
[blank] [blank]. [blank] [blank]. [blank]. Limitless possibility.

Sorry about the lack of pineapple relatedness. Maybe I'll spool some up for tomorrow or something. Or I would if tomorrows fact wasn't about Robot Wars and was remotely relevant.

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