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Tatu 26

Writer's Block: Me Behind The Wheel

Posted on 2008.01.19 at 11:08
Current Music:: Armor For Sleep - Car Underwater
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What do you do when you're in the car alone?

Nothing. I have no car and I haven't been in one alone in years. I imagine though for the sake of saying something mildly amusing should I be in a car alone I might do something mildly amusing. Like for example I could be overcome by the image of lesbians driving around in cars and have some kind of fit and faint. Then crash into another car, and just cause the greatest road disaster the world has ever seen. Not that I'm bragging or anything because road disasters are undoubtedly bad but if I was to do one then it would be the best one ever. There would be bouncy castles and magicians and cake and everything. Proper cake that is, not lie cake. Everyone would want to be in my road disaster.

Anyway I'm sure that answers the question. What was the question? I think it was 'if you were in charge of a road disaster what would it be like' but I'm not 100% sure. If it wasn't then it should have been. That would have been a far more interesting question than whatever it was.

By the way I see the tag car alone and all it makes me think of is a cross between Armor for Sleep's Car Underwater and Walking At Night, Alone. So much so that I will now go and listen to them both.

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