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Tatu 24

Writer's Block: A Profound Impact

Posted on 2008.01.18 at 11:22
Current Music:: Madina Lake - In Another Life
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Who has had a profound musical impact?

That's a bit of a vague question. Lots of people have had profound musical impacts. Do you mean a profound musical impact on my life? On the world at large? On the skeletons of a pair of mice? Please be more specific in future. But as it is very unlikely that the question will be made specific before I've finished this humorous deconstruction of the initial question I'll just answer it with regards to me.
So profound musical impact. Just for further humorous and unnecessary clarification that doesn't mean that they've run over you in some kind of musical vehicle. Because there's no such thing as a musical vehicle. Apart from a guitcar of course, but nevermind that.

Anyway musical impact is essentially the same as my favourite bands. Because everyone is influenced by their favourite bands. I'm sure I've listed my favourite bands recently so if you really care go and look for it. And if you don't what are you doing here reading this for? It's mainly about me so if you don't care what I think I would imagine you'd probably be better served reading something about what I don't think.

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