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Tatu 19

A Century of Facts in A Centuryish of Days - 63

Posted on 2008.01.15 at 11:33
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Fact 63: I am an atheist...

At least when it suits me I am. Sometimes I claim to believe in nothing and that everything is illusory. Other times I claim that I believe in most things but not a God. Yet other times I claim that although I don't believe in the Christian idea of a God (and why would you? All religions were created to keep people in control by making them believe in a punishment after death and the Christians just stole everything off everyone else anyway. Especially the Pagans). I claim that although I don't believe in the Christian idea of a God I believe that there must be some divine force as the chances of the universe coming into being by accident are ridiculously long.
I imagine that one day soon when science actually starts getting to the bottom of things as to whether there is some form of creator or whether the whole universe is an accident then bookies are going to start taking bets on whether there is a god or not. I can't wait for that to happen. Not because I want to put a bet on but because I just like the concept.

Furthermore Christians are bad because they claim people go to Hell based on sexual orientation. Even if I wasn't obsessed with lesbians then that wouldn't be a popular and important opinion.

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