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Tatu 17

A Century of Facts In A Centuryish of Days - 62

Posted on 2008.01.14 at 10:38
Current Music:: HIM - Killing Loneliness
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Fact 62: I used to draw a thing about a skull and a ghost that would have mildly amusing adventures. I called it Happy Halloween.

I say adventures but I wasn't able to draw very well so it'd just consist of one saying something to the other one, usually one would be a bit bemused by the comment and the other would say something snappy to finish it off. It wasn't the best comic ever produced. In fact calling it a comic is an insult to comics everywhere. Still though it helped me survive through excruiatingly boring chemistry lessons. Which was the point really.

If you've ever drawn a pointless comic why not send it in and I'll put it up so the whole world can laugh at it.

...See that, just because I've not been drawing pointless comics I've had a sudden unwarranted ego boost and I now seem to think the whole world is reading this. I'd be surprised if anyone in the world at all was reading this. And that includes Lucy Liu.

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