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Tatu 15

A Century of Facts in a Centuryish of Days - 61

Posted on 2008.01.13 at 12:19
Current Music:: Madina Lake - Now or Never
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Fact 61: I have owned a lot of hats in my life.

This is true. I currently own a jesters hat and I used to own a purple cowboy hat that I got from Blackpool, but I gave that to Russell Brand during his radio show so I imagine some other fan of Russell went home with that hat. Before that I have had multiple peaked caps. Probably about two of them. I lost one in a taxi in Tunisia, so I probably won't be seeing that again. I used to have a fishing hat that I never went fishing in so I'm not entirely sure why it was labelled a fishing hat. There were other hats but there aren't interesting stories attached to them. So that's it for now. Well until I buy some more hats at any rate.

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