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Tatu 4

Writer's Block: Takes Me Right Back

Posted on 2008.01.09 at 11:33
Current Music:: Panic! At The Disco - Camisado
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What photograph has the power to transport you back to that day and time?

No photograph has the power to do that. Photographs can't do that. Photographs are not Hiro Nakamura! Stop asking questions about photographs! What is wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Has your mind been in a plane crash and it's now living in fear of 'the others' on some island somewhere? If I had a photograph that could do that wouldn't you think I'd use the photograph to go back and win the lottery or something. You know do something with it rather than come on here and go on and on and on about photographs for the rest of my life. Get a life! Get a job! Stop talking about photographs!

(P.S. Once again you've excelled yourself with your insane tag suggestion. transport photograph sounds like a photograph of a car. And please don't ask me what my favourite photograph of a car is tomorrow or I'll stop filling in these damn things and to hell with the consequences!)

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