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Tatu 3

Oracle of The Years Unprecendented Mid January Brainwave

Posted on 2008.01.08 at 23:28
Current Music:: My Chemical Romance - Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
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Hello everyone. I'm once again reassuming my mantle as the Oracle of The Years. This time however it's not the name of the year that is irking me, as Year of the Angry Coral is quite a good as year names go. It's the months. Okay the months are more inventive than the years. January and that. Very inventive, but a bit tired and overrused now. So for one year only (it's a test period) I'll be giving the months brand new shiny names you can draw on a badge and pretend you're an astronaut with.

So I best hurry up and give January a new name as we've all already wasted eight days of it in boring old January and why would we want to do that when we could be living in shiny new Dewbighty, which interestingly is pronounced Do Bitey. So there you go. Go and enjoy the 23 remaining days of Dewbighty, before I decide to go and rename all the days of the week or something equally, or more, ridiculous.

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