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Tatu 1

Writer's Block: To Shoot or Be Shot?

Posted on 2008.01.08 at 10:49
Current Music:: Snow Patrol - Hands Open
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Do you like being behind the camera or in front of the camera?

I prefer having pictures taken of me because I tend to cut peoples heads off if I'm in charge of a camera. But the way the subject is phrased on here 'to shoot or be shot' is a little disconcerting. In that particular case I'd probably go with the shoot option. Also stop asking me questions about photography because I'm not a photograph so I shouldn't have to deal with it.

Plus usually when people are taking photographs of me I'm meeting famous people like Russell Brand or Ross Noble and normally when I'm taking photographs of people I'm just bored and have a camera handy, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out which of those situations are the better.

(also just for the record 'shoot shot' is the most ridiculous tag ever, and all these writer's block things have fairly ridiculous tags.)

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