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Tatu 48

Writer's Block: My Favorite Shot

Posted on 2008.01.07 at 15:01
Current Music:: Orson - Save The World
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Describe your favorite photograph.

I don't have a favourite photograph. Who has a favourite photograph? That's just weird and implausible. If you keep up with this nonsense I'm going to stop filling you out you ridiculous writer's block thing! Then we'll see how you like it. You'll be out there living on the streets and I'll be driving around in a limousine eating cakes and you'll be all like 'please sir can I come and live at your house', and I'll be all like 'well I don't know you did once ask me some very strange and not very useful questions' and you'll be all like 'if you let me in I'll give you my favourite photograph. It's a picture of a toystore at midnight.' and then I'll just drive off, and if I'm in a bad mood I'll even throw my spoon at you. Honestly!

Anyway if you really insist then I guess my favourite picture would be some form of lesbian based photography or something. Possibly with whipped cream.

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