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Tatu 17

Writer's Block: So Far...

Posted on 2008.01.06 at 10:47
Current Music:: Snow Patrol - Chocolate
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How's that New Year's resolution going?

Well giving up air was tricky for the first couple of minutes what with all the suffocation and everything, but after a while that stopped and it's not really been bothering me since. Or something. I don't know. Look, my resolution wasn't exactly hard, at least not for the first six days. The first six days are cake. You should ask me at the end of the year when I'll be going mental trying to think of something to write in here. Then I'd not only have something to say but I would welcome the prospect of having something, anything, to say.

So one half of the resolution was to update livejournal every day. Done that so far. The other half was to finish all the games that are piling up. Not doing so great on that yet, while I finished Uncharted: Drake's Fortune I haven't finished Devil May Cry 3. This is mainly because another game arrived and I have proritised that to a certain extent. If this Writer's Block prompt thing is going to keep interrogating me on whether or not I'm doing my resolution it would be prudent to mention that I have two further late christmas presents of games winging their way over to me that will be prioritised the moment they arrive as well. So deal with it.
And if you can't, well I dread to think what the rest of the world will have in store for you. I suggest you just cut yourself off from it and go outside and stare at the moon. At least the moon won't disappoint you.

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