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Tatu 52

Icon Pairing Meme Thing Again

Posted on 2008.01.05 at 01:54
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A while ago I did these meme thing. I'm just going to do a link because I can't be bothered explaining it or stating the rules again. Clicky! Don't clicky at your own risk!

Anyway I pledged to be rid of all my male icons and have some hot lesbian icon pairings and I have done but I still don't have enough lesbian pairings. It's as if destiny is playing games with my memes, or something equally melodramatic and unexpected. Anyway I've decided to bend the rules somewhat and discount all male icons. Just for the basis of erm... fairness or something.

Pairing 1:
Ana Lucia Cortez – Lost
Asuka Kasen – GTA
No matter how tough Ana-Lucia believes herself to be, Asuka would own her. Either she'd accept this and they'd live happily ever after or she'd get all annoyed by it and live unhappily ever after. Those are the two options. Make your choice now.

Pairing 2:
Claire Bennet – Heroes
Cube – JSRF
One is a cheerleader with the ability to recover from any injury the other is a slightly insane woman who leads a group of skating mutants. In order to get these together it would have to be set before Claire found out about other people with powers and Cube would need a power. Possibly the power to control skating mutants? I mean just look at Claire and West. I'm certain she wouldn't have looked at him twice if he couldn't fly about and that.

Pairing 3:
Gwen – Guild Wars
Jo-Beth Casey – Timesplitters
Gwen has survived her entire country being decimated by giant furballs and Jo-Beth has a camera and goes into a house on a dare. They would not work out at all. Gwen's far too high maintenance and Jo-Beth is far too laid back.

Pairing 4:
Jordan McDeere – Studio 60
Lara Croft – Tomb Raider
Somehow all of Lara's money she's inherited all runs out and she needs quick cash for an expedition. She goes to NBC who fund her with the cash so long as they can film it. Jordan apparently volunteers to be the camerawoman or something. I don't know. She's there at any rate. Presumably some evilness kills off the cameraperson and leaves Lara and Jordan to it. Over the course of the adventure they get close and once the bad guy and ancient evil is defeated (and broadcast across America on NBC) they've fallen in love, and fuck during the credits.

Pairing 5:
Madame De Pompadour – Doctor Who
Meg Masters/Demon – Supernatural
Forget that the Madame De Pompadour lives in the past, and in France and speaks French and that Meg Masters is a demon possessed woman who lives in America in the modern day and doesn't speak French. Aside from all that it still wouldn't work out.

Pairing 6:
Miho – Sin City
Nancy Callahan – Sin City
There's probably a story out there that pairs these two together anyway. You don't need me to make it up for you. Just go and search the archives at whatever place it is that these things are kept.

Pairing 7:
Natalie – Scary Go Round
Rose Tyler – Doctor Who
Rose has died and gone to the land of the dead. There she becomes a reaper along with Natalie. They have adventures and fall in love and so on (he said as though this was a regular pairing you'd see every day and he was bored of it).

Pairing 8:
Serendipity – Dogma
Steam Twins – Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
I'm sure Serendipity would inspire the Steam Twins (those twins at the start of the film who order up steam for that pirate man) to be better at not being shot in the head and being in the film longer. Then it'd be threesome time. Everyone's happy.

Pairing 9:
Suicide Blonde - 23
Summer Roberts – The O.C.
The Suicide Blonde is obsessed with the number 23. She infects Summer with her 23 based madness and together they kill themselves rather than live in a world full of the number 23. Unrealistic and mildly depressing.

That's that then. It's a massive success as far as I'm concerned. I'll try and incorporate it into some kind of regular feature.

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