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Tatu 55

Wiki Band Meme thing

Posted on 2008.01.03 at 22:07
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Saw this a while ago but since I've been posting like five times a day without extra meme based provocation I thought I'd save it. Essentially you go to a wiki, i.e. wikipedia or any of the millions of specialised wikis that now exist and click on the random page button 17 seperate times. The page titles then become your band name, album name and track names (that's right your album has 15 tracks, awesome or what?) and so voila.

I've done this several times because I was bored. Here's the standard wiki version:

Standard Wiki
Band Name: Requena-Utiel
Album Name: Rawhead Rex
1. Marshall Brown
2. Shekaripuram
3. Nevşehir Province
4. Pennsville Memorial High School
5. Mehdni
6. Peter Halley
7. Happy Valley
8. Chamberlain College of Nursing
9. Philippe Kieffer
10. McLintock!
11. Parish, New York
12. Frederick of Hesse
13. Alpaha River
14. Bus encryption
15. Apristurus

It's fairly rubbish in the standard wiki but I like it when you use it on the specialised one. Gives the band a sort of flavour if you will. However I really like Requena-Utiel as a band name. Bus encryption, Chamberlain College of Nursing and Pennsville Memorial High School are somewhat less good track names. Heroes wiki is up next.

Heroes Wiki
Band Name: Kensei and the Dragon
Album Name: Enhanced memory
1. Isaac’s sketchbooks
2. Dr Brooks
3. Ivan Spektor
4. Invisibility
5. Deoxygenation
6. Gray & Sons
7. Dinosaur
8. Sparrow Redhouse
9. Eclipse
10. Claude’s Pigeons
11. Technopathy
12. Kaito’s Funeral
13. Daniel Linderman
14. Sylar (future)
15. Mohinder the lizard

I like the sound of this album. I have no idea what the music itself would be like but I would still buy the album just because of the awesome. Guild Wars wiki up next.

Band Name: Captured Sunspear
Album Name: Kaoya Zun Temple
1. Vernados
2. Shing Jea Boardwalk
3. The Weaver of Nebo
4. Thorgrim Beastlasher
5. Shakor’s Spear
6. Flame Brazier
7. Losaru
8. Cairn of Stones
9. Wayward Guide
10. Taskmaster Sadi-Belai
11. Cordial Snowman
12. Shadowy Remnants
13. Andrew Patrick
14. Docu Kindleshot
15. Bladed Gloves

Captured Sunspear is a semi-decent band name but Kaoya Zun Temple just doesn't work. This album sounds like it would be really twee if you go off some of the track names. Shing Jea Boardwalk... The Weaver of Nebo... Cordial Snowman. It sounds like bargain bin fare already and it hasn't even been made yet. Not that anyone is going to make these albums. Don't start thinking that. That way madness lies. Supernatural Wiki up next.

Supernatural Wiki
Band Name: Weapons Box
Album Name: Salvation
1. Paws
2. Mike Guenther
3. Angelica Root
4. Wingcest
5. Donna Shoemaker
6. Numerology
7. Mara Daniels
8. Fanfiction
9. Jsquared
10. Bobby’s Car
11. Something Wicked
12. Joanie Pike
13. Charm Amulet
14. Isaac
15. Zombie

Is it just me or does Weapons Box sound like a good name for a band? I might just be going mad you know. I also like Salvation as an album name, but the tracks aren't particuarly good. Excepting Something Wicked. No album, except maybe a concept album about a serial killer, should have more than one track which is someone's full name. Then again the Heroes one, which I like has multiple tracks which are people's full names. But then again that, if based around Sylar would fulfil the concept album about a serial killer requirement. Timesplitters wiki next.

Timesplitters Wiki
Band Name: Sergio
Album Name: The Shoal
1. Med-Unit 6
2. Scotland The Brave
3. Burns n’ Bangs
4. Powerup
5. Time Portal
6. Sgt. Slate
7. Machinist
8. Luger Pistol
9. Mexican Mission
10. Injector
11. The Dead, The Bad and The Silly
12. Inceptor
13. Gargoyle
14. Veiled SWAT
15. Modes

The Shoal is a good album name but otherwise the tracks and the artist name seem to lacking oomph. It all seems a bit flat. The Dead, The Bad and The Silly as a band name though... Half-Life Wiki next.

Half-Life Wiki
Band Name: City 17 Overwatch
Album Name: The Package
1. Exotic Matter
2. Combine APC
3. Entanglement
4. Combine Dispatcher
5. Bullsquid
6. Overwatch Nexus
7. Missing In Action
8. Razor Train
9. We Are Pulling Out
10. Rollermine
11. Alyx’s Gun
12. Barney Calhoun
13. Blast Pit
14. Black Mesa East
15. Kleiner’s Lab

That's it. I promise. Just a dreadful pun, a quick analysis of how good/bad that album was and a general analysis of how good/bad this whole exercise was and then we can all go home and have some cake. Anyway City 17 Overwatch that's a band name. Or a name that should be banned anyway. Sorry for the dreadful pun there, but you were warned. Anyway Razor Train is a great name for more or less anything really. Within reason. It wouldn't be a good name for a boat, or a new shaving razor, or possibly even for a real train. It would however make a good band name, album name or track name. Which is all that counts.

Anyway I think it can be reasonably concluded that wikis can produce the occasional good result, by virtue of mere acccient, but they shouldn't be allowed to write our music until they are considerably more sophisticated. The best bit about band/album/track names and all that jazz is the ability to make up new forms of language and combine words together in ways in which they haven't gone before. The music is just a distraction from the pure joy of words.

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