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Tatu 50

Summary of 2007 in Exactly 500 Words

Posted on 2008.01.02 at 12:26
Current Music:: My Chemical Romance - Demolition Lovers
Last year I summarised an entire year in 500 words, so obviously I have to do it again.

January 2nd: Watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, and disinterested I drew an elaborately dressed man.
January 3rd: I decided not to watch Celebrity Big Brother. Later there was racism. These things are not related.
Janurary 29th: A bus driver eats a tangerine and loses his mind.

Feburary 5th: I go to see Russell Brand and suffocate the eyes of any readers with a photograph.
Feburary 7th: I meet Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright and see Hot Fuzz a week before it comes out.
Feburary 19th: I'm Ill.
Feburary 27th: I have both a brilliant C'MON puppet and a horrible blood disorder.

April 8th: I have a dream about Harry Hill.
April 21st: Enough Daleks k?

June 10th: I become a nervous wreck after seeing Blink.

July 9th: I relent slightly in my war on Catherine Tate, finish God of War 2 and love Hot Fuzz.
July 13th: I ask an innocent question about cats and judging from the dirth of responses, am shunned from society.
July 17th: My lightbulb explodes. Genuinely explodes. Like in shards across the floor.
July 23rd: I, like the queen, have two birthdays.

August 7th: LESBIANS!

October 1st: I STILL don't understand time zones.
October 4th: I go and see Ross Noble again. With pants and the nanna.
October 14th: Sidetracked once again by something shiny and the real events of real life, I eventually reveal the events of meeting Ross Noble.
October 23rd: I begin my series of thrilling reviews of Heroes episodes. Someone even comments on this one.
October 28th: I unravel the intricacies of dreaming.

November 3rd: My Playstation 3 behaves as though it's main function is to freak me out.
November 14th: I'm on Ross Noble's new DVD. If you're prepared to play it at 1/4th speed and squint into the audience.
November 17th: I go to see Bill Bailey then stand in the cold for an hour.
November 19th: While deliriously ill I discover I can speak the language of war machine blueprints.
November 24th: I brilliantly resist the temptation to become obssessed with the number 23, despite watching a film which deals with that particular issue.
November 25th: I have a dream about being unable to get my book signed by Russell Brand. Why not tune into Dec 1st and find out how the actual signing went?

December 1st: Book = Unsigned. Virgin = Evil.
December 2nd: The somewhat belated story of how I broke into my own house to get Ross Noble tickets.
December 17th: I leave the house! At a ridiculous time in the morning!
December 22nd: I rereview The Hitchhikers Guide.
December 25th: I'm not just dreaming of a grey Christmas. I'm having one. Grey meaning foggy, not morose.
December 26th: A mysterious event involving the number three and four dice.
December 30th: Some custard went missing. Only time travel can solve this mystery.

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