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Tatu 55

A Century of Facts in a Centuryish of Days - 50

Posted on 2008.01.02 at 10:59
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Exactly half way through the facts feature now, it may be time to just remind myself of the actual rules of the facts thing. Which are as far as I remember that it has to be about me. So I can't just make random facts up out of thin air. Like about cheese for example. There's lots of facts about cheese but very few facts about cheese in the century of facts facts feature.

Anyway now that we're all 100% clear and recapped on the rules of the feature lets get on with the damn thing.

Fact 50: I have this blood disordery thing.

That doesn't mean my blood is untidy, although it is, but it does mean that my blood has a tendency to clot which means if I don't have my daily dose of warfarin every day then it could start clotting up in my brain and giving me strokes again. Not a particuarly amusing or entertaining fact today but true nonetheless.
The only problem with having had a stroke is that there are very few jokes you can make about it. You know like for example if you have one of your limbs amputated or whatever you're afforded the privledge of making otherwise tasteless jokes about people missing limbs. Whatever. But there are no such jokes about strokes.

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