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Timesplitters - Jo-Beth Casey

Random First Line From Each Month of 2007 Thing

Posted on 2007.12.31 at 12:20
Current Music:: My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
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Take the first line from the first post of each month.

Jan: Here by no demand whatsoever is the ten best things of 2006.
Feb: Here's an update coming from the month of February.
Mar: I'm not really going to train a zebra.
Apr: Happy Easter!
May: Okay so maybe I was a little harsh with the daleks.
Jun: Sometimes I hear a phrase and think: "Wow that phrase = awesome."
Jul: I vote that Catherine Tate be killed now before she can do any more harm.
Aug: Resistance: Fall of Man rocks.
Sep: Series 2 of Heroes starts tonight, in America that is.
Oct: Today I've been spending money.
Nov: How come whenever I play a new game on the PS3 it has some kind of eeriness happening with the date?
Dec: This is about the bastards at the Virgin shops.

That's the end of that little experience. I thought there might be something to do with it afterwards but apparently there isn't. Deal with it.

Anyway. I'll take this opportunity to say how gleefully giddy and pleased with myself I am that I've managed to say something on Livejournal every day this month. Now the next obvious and drastically unachievable goal would be to post something on here every day for an entire year. Wish me good luck with that (alternatively if you hate the frequency of me saying things nowadays and wish that I'd go away wish me bad luck).

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