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Tatu 13

Oracle of the Years - The Naming of 2008

Posted on 2007.12.31 at 00:50
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Years are named rather boringly, and unimaginatively. 2007, 2008. Anyone could have named those years, they're just numbers, there's no imagination there at all. You may remember me talking about this last year, if so tough. I'm going to say it again because I can.

Last year I only touched on how boring the names were. I didn't try and solve this dilemma. However I will now appoint myself Oracle of the Years. It is my sacred duty to not let the names of years get stale and boring. I probably won't go back through the years and come up with interesting names for all of them, because well that's a job for whoever was the Oracle of the Years before me. However since I did unofficially name this year the Year of the Pointy Weasel this shall now be it's official name.

Anyway moving swiftly on to the oncoming year, what is traditionally known as 2008, well now it shall get a proper name.

2008 shall be called... The Year of... the Angry Coral.

The Naming is complete!

(Cut in case you don't want the name of 2008 spoilt before it's actually 2008.)

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