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Tatu 14

Icon Scizophrenia Pt. 2

Posted on 2007.12.31 at 00:02
Current Music:: My Chemical Romance - You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
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I'm sure everyone remembers that exciting moment last year when I thought my internet had scizophrenia when it started putting up pictures of ducks as my icon. No? Oh well if you care go and look at this.

So anyway now after an entire year of not thinking about the event I'm quietly minding my business watching Finding Nemo when suddenly: BAM! The revealment of where the picture which made my livejournal go all funny was from. For a moment I thought my TV had developed film scizophrenia before realising it was a valid picture from the film. Either way that's one mystery partially solved. Tune in next year when I stumble across the reason my icon was replaced with a scene from Finding Nemo.

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